Real Reviews Timeline

Phase One – Make list of Interested Business Owners

Phase two – Kickstarter Campaign

Phase three – Build and Market

Phase four – Expand

General Information

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate that if you support the Kickstarter campaign, the money will be used effectively and methodically. Endeavors are successful with planning and making goal setting, and that’s just what we’ve done.


We first need to make a list of business owners and entrepreneurs  that share our belief about Real Reviews. The goal is to register 2,000 business before launching the Kickstarter campaign. This step is necesarry to ensure the Kickstarter is successful and gets funded.


The successful Kickstarter will fund the creation of the site. Once the site is created, the remaining funds will be used to develop a marketing strategy to make Real Reviews a success.


With Real Reviews being a feedback site itself, it is only natural to encourage user feedback to help improve it. The initial data and user feedback will be used to create and improve our expansion strategies. The goal is to scale the site into multiple markets as quickly as possible.

Full List of Events & Milestones

Short Term Plan

Build a list of entrepreneurs that want this (phase 1)

Make sure other business owners want this to exist. Validating that the entrepreneurs will not only use but support this, is an important part of this phase. The other important part is in building this list the Real Reviews Kickstarter campaign will also be advertised, helping to ensure it is successful.

Launch Kickstarter Campaign (Phase 2)

After building the list of entrepreneurs that support Real Reviews.  The Kickstarter will then be launched to raise the funds needed.  Kickstarter is a good strategy because it validates the need, while marketing the idea at the same time. Building the list of business owners fist will ensure fast results at the beginning of the campaign. The goal would also be for publicists to make a story about the Kickstarters success further propelling the marketing and success of the campaign.

Build and Deliver Value to one Market (Phase 3)

The building of the website is not what most of the Kickstarter funding will be used for, but this will be done immediately after the Kickstarter. Over 90% of the money generated will be used to market and inform a specific group. This is because in order for this to really bring value to its users there has to be a community of related participants creating and viewing content. Learning and collecting data form this strategy should help us understand and create the best expansion plans with the intent to bring this to as many businesses as fast and efficient as possible.

Expansion (phase 4)

Once we understand the amount of users and and time it takes to deliver value to a market, we can use that data to help us determine the best ways to educate entrepreneurs and grow Real Reviews until it’s existence is just common knowledge.

Long Term Possibilities

Bootstrap or Raise More Money?

Once we have a proven model in a niche market, we will have to determine if hard work and organic word of mouth will be the best route to providing value to as many people as possible. Perhaps in order to keep Real Reviews the leader in its industry raising money will be the best strategy for getting Real Review to the market efficiently.  Having a proven model that works should allow us to raise money faster and at better rates.

Expand to Traditional Review Markets but Fix Problems (1)

This is just a long term idea, not the plan. There are two major problems with traditional review sites today, both of which revolve around trust. They are fake reviews, and a conflict of interest. The Real Reviews model combats these problems already, so solving them for the traditional format could be a natural a growth opportunity in the future. When what’s being reviewed is paying the review site to advertise there is a conflict of interest. This problem is the harder of the two because you have to solve how to make money, and the fact that most customers are unaware of it. I suspect if the consumer learned how this model opens the door for money and corporate greed to once again corrupt a great idea, then a demand may be created.

Expand to Traditional Review Markets but Fix Problems (2)

There are many ways to fix fake reviews. One possible solution is to make everyone a participant for a designated amount of time. Real Reviews could act as a 3rd party regulator via software. Each customer is tracked via a customer ID on their receipt. For example, a bagel company for one week informs every customer it’s reviewing them, and asks for a review via the Real Reviews phone app. The customer would make a review using their customer ID.  Results could be 1000 total, 20 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative, and 972 did not leave a review. Comparing review week numbers with nearby bagel companies could be quite insightful.


If your business would use Real Reviews please let us know by registering. Once we have enough users we will launch the website and email you so you can start using it. We want to build a user base first so that it will be valuable to its users right form the beginning.