Who Gets Reviewed on Real Reviews?

Interviewees & Employees

Many  businesses, face a common problem of interviewee’s not showing up to the interview. Real Reviews will allow businesses to look people up using the info obtained on an application, before setting an interview. Businesses can see if that person has a history of not showing up to interviews, to help decide if they want to set up an interview with that person. They can also see if a past employer felt compelled to write a review on that person as an employee.

Business to Business

Traditional reviews sites have the customer review the businesses, but it often does not make sense for a business to review a business. For businesses that do a lot of contracting work, business to business relationships are common. If a contractor doesn’t pay his subs on time, Real Reviews is an outlet to hold them accountable and warn future potential subs of that contractor and how they behaved in the past. Or the contractor may review the sub warning contractors who are considering using them.

Review the Customer

I believe over 99.9% of customers are awesome! However, if you have thousands of customers you are bound to work with the less than .01% that may be unreasonable. Real Reviews gives the business a platform to review the customer by holding them accountable for their actions. Some customers may use loop holes to get free stuff from businesses. with Real Reviews, holding those customers accountable may  discourage that behavior, and benefit the   community.

More About Real Reviews

Real Reviews is a review website for businesses. Only businesses are able to use Real Reviews, and although it is free to use, in order to create or access the information you will have to provide business credentials. Where most of today’s websites allow customers or past employees to review businesses, Real Reviews allow businesses to review past employees, interview applicants, other businesses, and even customers.

If your business would use Real Reviews please let us know by registering. Once we have enough users we will launch the website and email you so you can start using it.